The Great Otway National Park

The Great Otway National Park is situated at the most southern point of the Great Ocean Road. Seen from the far off, the park resembled a gigantic misty cloud that had fallen from the sky. The forest is densely wooded and at its highest Points standing large gum trees. The latter’s bright, overgrown branches jutted into the foggy sky, taller than any other tree.
We walked there for hours. We had encountered almost no one on the way, only a few wild Koalas that had slept in some forked branches. As we went deeper in the woods, the brush went thicker and thicker. The small branches were stirring almost imperceptibly – flexing a little like the legs of an insect. Fern as tall as a man stood beside the trail. It was quite, the whole forest seemed to be holding its breath. We closed your eyes for a moment, we could smell in the humid air the scents of the cold rain forest: resin, gum tree leaves, rotting wood. The smells reminded of the timber workers which logged the trees here in late 19th century. Opening our eyes again, a wallaby crossed our way, next to an ancient wood processing machine.
Later we spotted a little spring gushing among some boulders on the stony forest floor, which flowed together with other streams to cascade into a wild waterfall.
Soon the forest’s canopy of foliage was growing thinner and a window gave a glimpse to the ocean. We took a rest at the stunning coastline and a lot of parrots and other birds joined us for dinner. Tired and exhausted from the long walk we fell easily asleep.








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